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This site overlooks a bluff and possesses a dramatic ocean view. The house is a late mid-century design, and the client wanted a landscape that would have a modern Asian influence while working well with the existing architecture. To maximize the opportunity to enjoy the ocean view, the deck was substantially expanded using caisson construction. The guard rail is constructed of glass panes to provide an unobstructed view of the ocean. A unique stacked blue stone fire pit was built to provide a gathering place near the edge of the new deck. To further enhance the ocean view a Balinese pavilion was built cantilevering over both the edge of the bluff. To enter the pavilion you must first cross the new koi pond which the pavilion is built over. A waterfall cascades from the pond beneath the Pavilion.. To balance the dramatic Ocean view and pavilion at the edge of the bluff, a 7’ tall stacked stone waterfall feature was added at the opposite end of the pool with a set of stepping stones crossing the swimming pool in front of the waterfall.